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Replacement Bus Service

During a period of suspension or cancellation of the Argyll Ferries Ltd’s (AFL) service, AFL will, at their discretion, provide a replacement bus service which will operate between Gourock ferry terminal and Dunoon town centre linkspan via Western Ferries.

This service will come into operation when no AFL vessels are operating, however, customers should expect a short delay while the service is mobilised. Every effort will be made to minimise this period, but we anticipate that the bus service will come into service around 30 minutes after mobilisation at Gourock or an hour at Dunoon.

The journey time is likely to take up to one hour dependent on connection times.

AFL passengers must board the buses at Gourock ferry terminal or Dunoon town centre linkspan and cannot join the bus service at any other point (e.g. McInroy’s Point, Hunter’s Quay or during the crossing on Western Ferries).

Replacement buses will operate broadly in line with the existing AFL ferry timetable with the following exceptions for operational reasons:

• In the event of an early morning replacement bus service being required, the first available bus from Dunoon will be no sooner than 07:15.

• In the event of an evening replacement bus service being required, the last bus will depart from Gourock no later than 20:20 and from Dunoon no later than 21:45.

When the replacement bus service is in operation no refunds will be available for any pre-paid AFL tickets.

The replacement bus operators do not accept any dogs other than assistance dogs.

AFL regrets it cannot reimburse any costs incurred when the AFL ferry service is suspended or cancelled and the replacement bus service is unavailable for any reason or is operating but cannot travel on Western Ferries.



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