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• Plan ahead and allow plenty of time for your journey to the port; ferries always aim to leave on schedule
• If you require assistance boarding, call 0800 066 5000 and speak to one of our Operators
• Check the status of sailings using the information on the Argyll Ferries website – you can sign up for SMS alerts here too
• If you are concerned about the weather during your crossing, we recommend you check the Met Office website – alternatively find out more about marine forecasts here

Arriving at the port:

• Follow the signs to the passenger waiting area or queuing area as appropriate
• Please ensure you follow the direction of staff at the site; normal arrangements are sometimes changes to allow work to be carried out or to accommodate increased passenger numbers during special events
• Keep children under supervision at all times
• Keep out of restricted areas
• Please note that passengers under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be refused passage and that threatening behaviour towards staff or other passengers will not be tolerated


• If cycling, please dismount before boarding the ferry
• Note that cycling shoes can slide easily on metal decks and polished wooden surfaces – please take extra care to maintain your footing
• Please hold the handrails provided; due to the ferry design, stairways may be steeper than you are used to and can present a hazard – particularly when wet
• Please pay attention when using doorways with raised sills, taking care not to trip
• Do not use a mobile phone when boarding the ferry

On board:

• Ensure all members of your party know where the muster station can be found – it is identified by four inward-pointing arrows
• In the event of an emergency onboard, you may be required to attend the muster station. If the Boatmaster has instructed that lifejackets are to be issued, you can collect one from a muster station
• Please ask all members of your party to pay attention to the passenger safety announcement, and any specific information given by the Boatmaster
• Ensure children are supervised at all times and please do not allow children to run or climb anywhere on board
• When moving around the ferry, please use the handrails provided and take extra care on stairs and when entering spaces with raised door sills to avoid tripping
• Please use extra caution in strong winds or if the ferry is subject to movement – this can cause external doors to close suddenly – please keep hands clear of door closures
• Should you feel unwell at anytime, you may find the centre of the lower deck on the ferry is more comfortable, because it is subject to less movement than the bow, stern or side
• If you feel unwell, or require First Aid, contact the nearest member of staff immediately


• Please ensure you have all your belongings with you before leaving the passenger areas
• Do not use a mobile phone when disembarking the ferry
• If you are travelling with a cycle, please walk with your cycle when disembarking, and along ramps, piers or slipways
• Follow signs for connecting transport services or ask a member of staff as required
• Have a safe, onward journey

Thank you for travelling safely with Argyll Ferries

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